Feb 23, 2015

Three outfits for the office

Work attire 3

It's the first day of the week and all you can wonder is when Friday will get here. Or for my east coast peeps, is this cold weather ever going to end?! I am glad I live on the west coast because snow and I don't mix; my fashion sense would be anything that keeps me warm. I couldn't resist and purchase two of the three statement necklaces shown here. I blame it on my favorite bloggers. They wear it so well and sell it to you so convincing, how couldn't I? So whether you add layers upon layers or wear a warmer look to the office, adding a sparkly necklace to your outfit will have you looking effortless on a hot or cold day! 
Work attire 2
Work attire

 pixie pants: top  | (similar) pants | shoes | necklace
colorful skirt: top | skirt | shoes | necklace 
printed dress: dress | necklace | booties

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Feb 18, 2015

Next House Project

House projects are always fun. Right when we moved in to our new home, we knew our bonus room needed a little revamp, especially the entry way. It didn't have a door, so the farmhouse sliding door was a given. My husband and I are obsessed with the show "Fixer Upper" in HGTV and that's where we fell head over heels in love with the farmhouse sliding door (we love, need and want!!) It's the perfect piece to separate our bonus room and hallway. That way, we can keep it closed when guests come to visit since it leads to our bedroom and office space. Here are a couple of doors I'm currently obsessed with. Can't wait to start this project!
1 | 2 | 3| 4 | 5

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Feb 17, 2015

Work, Life & Balance

Have you ever had that moment where you've felt the need to pause and unwind? Well, I have to say it recently happened to me. After all, I'm human, right? Since the move and my new promotion, I haven't really had to time to relax and focus on myself. Not going to lie, I've been really stressed out and overwhelmed with all these changes in such a short period of time (not to mention, this infertility issue is getting to me..that's another blog post). Girl, it's called life! I really had to take a step back and relax....breathe. I've learned a lot about myself and areas I need to work on, hence my absence from social media. Though I love to share my experiences and my love for fashion, above it all, it feels good to just step back and enjoy the simpleness of life!

Jan 19, 2015

My Home Decor

What makes a home special and unique? It's the simple details that make the difference. As promised, today I will share my favorite pieces of our home.  As I mentioned previously here, my goal is to go with a french vintage country style/shabby chic look, however, buying new furniture was not an option, so I had to work with what I currently own. With that being said, I decided to purchase pieces that compliment my furniture to drive toward that french shabby chic feel. Thanks to Rachel Ashwell my obsession has gone to another level. I've fallen in love with the outcome…and better yet, my husband is pleased (so that's a plus!). The best part of it all? I can always switch things up and play with my space without having to invest in new pieces. It's a win-win!

First photo : Newport Avenue Antiques | Roses from Market
Second photo: Vignettes Antiques (gold picture frames) | Newport Avenue Antiques (vase & flowers) Third photo: Jerome's (sofa set) | coffee table: The Workshop | crown: Newport Avenue Antiques | candles & vase: Pier One | books: Barnes & Nobles | accent pillows: Pier One & Newport Avenue Antiques
 Fourth photo:  Newport Avenue Antiques   (wine holder) | bottles & flowers: Newport Avenue Antiques 
Fifth photo: letter "V"& books Vignettes Antiques | cream box (old): Pier One 
Sixth photo: a journal, "The best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks, and "When Tito Loved Clara" by  John Michaud

Jan 7, 2015

Easy does it

I'm a firm believer that to be stylish there is no need to wear name brand items and spend a fortune just to be on trend. It may sound repetitive, but I have to put it out there! Don't get me wrong, if you can afford it, by all means go for it! However, it's OK to rock a look that not only makes YOU feel good but helps the pocket book, you know what I mean? ;) With temperatures dropping like crazy, this faux fur vest came just in time! Not to mention this fabulous hat that completes the whole ensemble. Easy does it! 
 sweater (similar): Forever 21 | vest (similar): Forever 21 | denim (similar): American Eagle | boots (similar): Forever 21 | hat: Prima Donna | necklace: Prima Donna | sunglasses: ASOS

Jan 5, 2015

New Changes

Bienvenidos 2015! I'm looking forward to this New Year and some personal goals I've set for myself as well as changing a few aspects of my blog. Don't get me wrong, I love writing about fashion and all, but it's always good to share other things that spark my interest like home decor and my personal life (i.e., my struggle with infertility). I know many females can relate so I believe it's always good to share your story with others because you never know who you'll inspire. So stay tuned!

 top: ILYCouture | cardigan: ANGL | beanie: Forever 21 | sunglasses: Forever 21 | necklace: Windsor | pants (similar): Target | ring (similar): Forever 21 | booties: Target | Tote: Target

Dec 31, 2014

Adios 2014

Here we are! It's time to say adios 2014 and welcome 2015! It's been a year full of ups and downs, but  it sure ended with a bang! From purchasing our new home to getting a promotion, all I can say is that I'm truly blessed and grateful. I pray this New Year brings many blessings, especially a little bundle of joy (Lord willing!). So, whether you spend your last hours of 2014 at home in PJ's watching your favorite reality show or get all dolled up for tonight's festivities, make sure you make it memorable! Cheers and I'll be back on Monday, Jan 5th. Happy New Year my peeps!