Mar 26, 2015

J's Favorite: Printed Skirt

There is no secret my love for prints still lingers, especially in skirts. It's only right I dedicate today's post to printed skirts! Every girl has to have that ONE bottom piece that goes with everything. Now that I've made space in my closet (out with the old, in with the new) it's safe to say skirts will be taking a huge portion of that. While perusing through Topshop, I came across this adorable skirt. It has two of my favorites in one and not too mention, I can dress it up or down. I know, I'm obsessed!
skirt 2

first look: top | purse | skirt | flats
second look: tee | jean jacket | skirt| necklace | shoes
third look: necklace | shirt | clutch | booties | skirt

Mar 25, 2015

Layered Stripe Dress

When the crop top trend made its way, I completely deviated from even entertaining the idea. Me? In a crop top? Negativo. Anything that has to do with showing my mid-section will be politely declined; however (there always seems to be an exception, right?), this lovely little garment had me at hello. The illusion of a crop top as a dress? I'll take it! Obviously, the perfect combination to seal the look - stripes and florals! Done-deal.

 dress: Forever 21 | shoes (similar): Lulus | purse: Forever 21 | sunglasses: ASOS

Mar 24, 2015

Book Styling

Prior to moving, I had no clue what to do with my book collection. If I didn't put good use to them, they would catch dust in our shed and more likely be forgotten.  For this reason, I decided to color coordinate my books and stack them in certain areas to create a beautiful, stylish vignette. The key here is to make sure the look is consistent and organized. The book cover doesn't match your decor? It's all good! Don't be afraid to use wrapping paper, it's the most affordable route to go when decorating with a budget. Here a five ways to style you can tell, I love my white, pink, and gold! Happy styling! 

 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Mar 23, 2015

Little Denim Dress

From what I can recall, last time I wore a little denim dress (LDD) was in elementary school. It never crossed my mind I would be trying this trend in my thirties, but remember when I said here never say never? Let's just say this little number is the perfect staple for spring season. It has chillax written all over it! The key to this look was to keep it minimal without overdoing it; I love the simplicity it brings to the table. It's a classic look enough to wear all season long.

 dress: Ruche | heels: Lulus | purse: Forever 21 | sunglasses: Forever 21

Mar 20, 2015

Fashionably Late

This tee said it all when I was running fashionably late (no pun intended) to meet-up with the lovely Paulina from LilbitsofChic for our blogger photo shoot last weekend. If you're always on the go like me, this top is made just for you! From casual to dressy, this tee will definitely have you looking stylish. So if you're late, no biggie, your shirt says it all. Happy Friday!

 top: ILYCouture | jeans (similar): American Eagle | booties (similar): Charlotte Russe | statement necklace (similar): Forever 21 | moon dainty necklace: Forever 21 | sunglasses (similar): ASOS | hat (similar): Prima Donna

Mar 19, 2015

J's Favorite: Blouses

Lately, I've been drawn to wearing blouses a lot more lately. I guess now that I'm turning 33 this year, my style of preference is slowly upgrading to a more mature womanly look. What look is that you may ask? I have no clue but blouses have to something to do with it!

Blouse 3

Blouse 2
first look: top: Nordstrom | bottoms: Nordstrom | purse: Forever 21 | shoes: Charlotte Russe | earrings: Baublebar
second look: top: H&M | bottoms: Aeropostale | purse: Forever 21 | shoes: Forever 21 | necklace: Baublebar | ring: House of Harlow 1960
third look: top: H&M | bottoms: H&M | purse: Kohls | ring: Baublebar | shoes: Windsor | earrings: Stella & Dot | lipstick: NARS

Mar 18, 2015

Embrace the heels

I've always been the girl to say comfort is EVERYTHING. Well my friends, I've finally learned to give a little. I am admitting that I've embraced the heels! Since I starting blogging, my motto is to never say never because you never know what you'll get when it comes to newest trends in fashion. Although I'm a little slow to jump on the bandwagon, I am loving it!!…and so is my husband! I'm looking forward to this new acceptance and willing to overlook the pain that can occur (sorry feet). I am excited to start wearing more heels because it brings an outfit to a whole new level of chic and class. This is a look I love and for sure you'll see more of!!

blouse: H&M | jeans (similar): American Eagle | cardigan: Target | purse: Forever 21 | heels (similar): Charlotte Russe | necklace (green pendant): Mimi and Red | sunglasses (similar): ASOS

Photos taken by: Lil Bits of Chic

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