May 14, 2018

Block Heel Mules

When dressing to the office, I always like to have fun with my looks but still feel comfortable through out the day. I am consistently going up and down the stairs and sometimes walking from one building to another so wearing the right shoes is a must - hence, my love for flats! However, you can never say no to a good pair of block heel mules. It's the perfect block heel to own - not too dressy, but still cute to make a statement. I love pairing them with a pencil skirt or a dress to the office…style tip: choose one piece and make it your focal point - hence, why I kept my accessories at a minimum.

What about you? Are you a flats or heels kind of gal? 

May 2, 2018

What to wear to a wedding

It's wedding season and you're looking forward to attending that special someone's nuptials but have no clue what to wear for the occasion…I know, we've all been there. However, I'm a big believer in comfort (and cheap) while staying on trend - that's why floral will never go out of style. We are in spring, so going with pastel colors or floral prints is a great start on what to wear to a wedding but just remember, you want to look put together and not over shadow the bride, you know what I mean? So, whether your preference is a dress, jumpsuit, or pant suit, if it looks good and feels right for the event, go for it! Below I'm sharing some of my floral dresses under $75 for a wedding.

Apr 30, 2018

White Jeans for Spring

Today is a good day! We're celebrating our 7th year wedding anniversary. We decided to take the day off from work, we're dropping Emily off at daycare and we plan on spending the day together celebrating us. I'm not sure what all he has planned for the day but I'll make sure I'm dressed for the part. Typically, for our anniversary I go for a dress and heels but this time around, I knew I wanted something different. Luckily, these white jeans arrived just in time for the occasion. What I love about them is the high waist, super-stretch material and how it sits right at my ankle. I can style them up or down with out doing to much to the look - They are the perfect bottoms for spring and summer! FYI, I would size up one or two sizes because they do run small. Other than that, I'm in love!

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Did you see my post on Spring shoes under $50? Affordable options for any occasion!

Apr 23, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2018

Can you believe Mother's Day is next month?! Time is flying by so fast that I just can't keep up with the days anymore, but you know what? Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday; for sure. When you are spending the majority of your time changing diapers and not to mention, chasing a  little two year old human everywhere, I swear it's like having a relationship with an unstable person, haha! The struggle is real my friends...but listen, all we want is a day at the spa or night a hotel room to catch up on some Z's…for real, but we all know that may not happen, so momma will settle with any of the items listed below, win-win! 

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