Mar 14, 2018

Lace Trim Top

I don't what it is lately but I've been gravitating toward girly pieces for spring. As you can tell, I have this thing for bows seen here. Just too cute to pass! I love anything blue and pink, especially pastel since it's the perfect color combo for spring. While on the hunt for new spring pieces, I found this Lauren Conrad's lace trim top at Kohl's and just had to have it. I styled it by pairing it with dark distressed denim jeans with a lighter denim wash jacket for contrast. To keep the feminine look going, I went with these blue block heels for a bit more dressed up look. What's your favorite color to wear for spring? 

Mar 12, 2018

Gingham for Spring

Finally, giving denim jeans a break and wearing this pretty gingham dress for today's post as a  spring must-have! When styling a dress for spring, any shoe works. Depending on your preference, you can totally rock this look with flats, heels, sandals, or booties but because I'm all about comfort, I went with booties. But can we talk about the pretty bows on the back of this dress?! I mean, how more spring can it get?! For reference, I'm wearing a small, true to size (TTS). What are some of your favorite ways to style a dress for spring?

Mar 5, 2018

Bow Slide Sandal

We are officially in the month of spring and I'm so ready for breezy looks, all-things-florals, and cute sandals. I kicked off spring-must haves with a lightweight jacket post but today, my all about the sandals. If you've been following Daintyjea for a while now, you know I'm all about the #comfortlife.

While on the hunt for a new pair of denim jeans...(American eagle is my go-to spot!) I found these adorable comfy chic sandals for spring. You guys, I love them so much I just ordered the Rose pair! They'd go perfect with a dress or even denim shorts. These sandals can take a look from basic to chic. You will definitely see me rocking these sandals for spring & summer. What are some of your spring must-haves? Please share in the comments below! 

Feb 28, 2018

3 ways to unwind after a stressful day

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, a working momma, or a just a busy gal - in general,  life can get quite hectic no matter how much you try to pace yourself. I am a huge believer in "me" time. Super important, how else would I function?! For me, in order to be productive and give the best of me, I must have my alone time. I'm constantly on the "GO" and sometimes tackling two or three things at once and before you know it, I'm blown out! This is why, it's so important to give yourself a little time to unwind, relax and enjoy each day you're blessed you with. With that being said, here are some ways I love to unwind after a stressful day:

Watching a Show
My husband can attest to this. I'm a huge fan of TheReal daytime show. When I come home from work, it's straight to the kitchen to cook dinner. First thing I do, is turn on the TV, click recordings and watch "The Real," while still wearing my work clothes and my husband keeps little Emily occupied while I cook (He's such a good Daddy...I can't complain). I love watching these women because one, I can relate to them (I swear, me and Tamera are besties) and two, they keep it real! After a long stressful day, I just want to relax and have a girl's day - even if it's just a television show for an hour.

Have a Drink
Vino. The mommy juice! Because water or coffee is just not going to cut it. That simple! 

Although I haven't followed it through as much, I would like to make it a habit and read at least a couple of pages of a book before going to bed. Whether it's an inspirational book or the bible, reading something to keep me motivated before closing my eyes for the day is super helpful. Believe it or not, I tend to wake-up with more energy and motivated.

What are some ways you unwind after a stressful day? Please share in the comments below. 

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