Sep 5, 2012

On the Bricks

What are the chances of someone meeting a fashion model while taking outfit pictures? Slim to none, right?  Well, today was my lucky day. While my friend took pictures during our break from IFBCON, Iman's car pulls up in front of the building and I was fortunate enough to take two pictures of her before she headed inside. She's just so beautiful and sweet. She asked my friend and I how we were doing and that's all I needed to make my day! What a perfect way to end this two day conference. I am one satisfied fashionista. 

I leave you with one of the pictures my friend took of her. Isn't she gorgeous? 

{Fashion model - Iman at IFBCON}

Top: H&M, Skinny's: H&M, Purse: Cotton On Shoes: Forever 21


  1. Aaaaa I can't believe you got to meet her! I should have left when you guys did!

  2. You should've! We were not expecting that at all. It must have been like 6 of us outside. We were lucky for sure! lol


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