Oct 4, 2012

The Military in Me

Wow, today was a crazy day at work, but so glad the day is over. The hubby and I went to dinner and bailed out on watching movie; we were just too tired. 

On another note, my look today reminded me of the good ole Army days! 
 The style of this vest makes me think back on how the military uniforms have transpired over the years.  It would've been cool if I could wear this style vest as part of my uniform, but that's only wishful thinking; however, I am glad that I could take this vest and incorporate it into this look. Making the look a little edgy but with sexiness. 

Top: H&M, Vest: Love Culture, Pants: Forever21, Boots: Target, Purse: Juicy Couture

Have a good one!

xo DiantyJea

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