Dec 27, 2012

Trip Packing Tips

For the most part, packing can be the stressful part of a trip. The dilemma of what shoes to wear, or did I bring enough tops? Should I bring a pair of shoes for each outfit? It's safe to say that we've all pretty much been there. Coming from a girl who would take an extra suitcase just for shoes, trust me, there is no need to bring them all. The key is to prepare outfits with versatile pieces according to the weather of your destination.

Leopard is a must. It works as a neutral color and pretty much goes with anything. If you wanted, you can opt the leopard flats to a skinny belt or purse, whichever you prefer.

Stripe & pattern tops are a great option. I could wear them with colored jeans, leggings, shorts, or skinnies.

From my last trip to Puerto Rico, I mostly wore my black Toms everywhere. They are comfortable shoes and perfect for sightseeing. My black pumps will go perfect with my New Year's Eve dress. Last, a pair of wedges are just right. So you see, with 4 pair of shoes, I can make my outfits work.
Finally, dress up your looks with some of your favorite accessories and your look is done!
What are some of your tips?




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