Apr 16, 2013

Create your style

Every morning I wake up contemplating how I want to feel for the rest of the day; either "sluggish" or "marvelous" of course I go for the latter. Although everyone can relate to having lazy days, you need to push yourself and dress based on how you want to feel, vice dressing based on your instantaneous feeling of grogginess in the morning. This doesn't mean spending your savings on a shopping spree, it means learning the art of creating yourself - externally. 

Start by paying attention to various women's outfits you pass daily, including styles and trends you recognize on television or magazines. Next, start visualizing how you want to see yourself - create your style. It all starts off by expressing how you want to be portrayed. Don't settle based on your income, size, or limited aspect of your surroundings. You can create yourself by understanding the tools you already have - what's in your closet? Understand the art and wear it with confidence. Remember, confidence is key! There are no boundaries to a limitless mind. You are who you are and that is beautiful! Now express it. 

"Girls compete with each other, women empower one another." - unknown. Remember ladies and gentleman, understanding is just the beginning. 

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  1. Love this! I think you have "motivational speaker" in your future girl :)

    1. Thanks, but I think I would choke in front of a group. So intimidating! lol

  2. Love this!! You are such an inspiration friend!!


  3. This whole blog is just too cute for words! Love the post, girly!


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