May 7, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day
Mother's day is approaching full steam ahead and if you want to take advantage of great gifts at affordable/reasonable prices, you need to start looking like...."yesterday."  Whether you live with your mother or you flew away from the nest, we all know to a degree what our mothers want, need, or should have.  Take mine for example; I know she would feel guilty if I get her something too expensive, she is NOT flashy, nor does she have a taste for high end items.

 So I asked myself; what are some things that are affordable, show that you care, and she should definitely have? Well, clothes do not expire and you can take this opportunity to conspicuously "style" your mother while keeping her look within her taste. Kind of like a rendezvous between "her style + today's trends."  If you don't feel comfortable enough to style her, or she is just like most of us and would rather get her own clothes, then these options above are a safe and affordable choice.

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