Jun 30, 2014

Tie Dye

When you find a good romper you can't pass on it...I mean, look at this color! What drew me in was the tie dye print and effortless style. The fit is just perfect! Not too tight or too loose, but just right for my frame. Although this romper is more on the bright-side, I couldn't help but wear my "vivid rose" lipstick from Maybelline for a "muy caliente" look (yeaaaaa!) while keeping the accessories to a minimum and wearing neutral colored heels.

romper: WetSeal | booties (in black): Charlotte Russe | necklace: Love Culture | purse: Forever 21 | rings: Aldo | sunglasses: American Eagle | watch: Michael Kors | lipstick: MAC "Girl About Town"

Oh, what a weekend! My car has been acting up lately, so I had to take it to the dealership to run a diagnostic on it. Long story short, there is a possibility I may end up purchasing a new vehicle. Because of the terrible news and the stress, I couldn't help it but do some damage by shopping online. Oh, the dilemma! Ha! ;)

Jun 27, 2014

Patriotic Style

Red, White, & Blue

USA pendant | red slip-on sneaks | headwrap | nail polishes blue & red | aviators | red lipstick | satchel

Independence day is a week away, and I'm already planning on what to wear for the celebration. Comfort is key! The goal is not to be literal and wear an American flag head to toe, but incorporate our beautiful flag colors through accessories. Here are some awesome goodies to show an all-American pride under $50! 

Jun 25, 2014

Main focus

A sleeveless dress with a slight A-line silhouette is one of my favorite styles to wear. It's super easy to style without going overboard. I kept the accessories simple and dainty with intentions of keeping the dress as the main focus. If I wanted, I could've added a beautiful statement necklace just for fun! Maybe next time. You know it's a great dress when it allows transitioning from work attire to date night. So, let's give Jea a round of applause for wearing heels two days in a row! wuju! ;)

 dress: Forever 21 | shoes (similar): Charlotte Russe | purse (similar): Target | bracelet: unknown | ring: Forever 21 | aviators: Ray-Ban

Jun 23, 2014

Summer Staple

Summer is officially here! You know what that means! Shorts to accommodate the hot weather. Although I'm fond of casual denim shorts, it's good to switch it up every so often. Finding a great bottom piece that's versatile is very important. The adorable fluttery detached side panels add a unique twist, which makes the over all look effortless! Not only can I dress it up, but also style it with a fun graphic tee, some cute sandals, then off to enjoy the day!

 top: Forever 21 | shorts: Forever 21 | heels: Ruche | tote (similar): Kohls | sunglasses (similar): Charlotte Russe | ring: Charlotte Russe

Jun 20, 2014

Summer Nail Polish Must-Haves

Let's talk about another form of fashion. The kind that adds the cherry on top. It's called nail polish! Little do we know, the colors we choose can affect a whole look completely. For this post, I'd like to narrow it down to summer colors! (Obviously, right?) For me, when I think of summer, I think of vibrant fun colors that make a statement. You will always find me rocking the colors pink and blue, and especially coral...it screams summer! Without even knowing it, a pop of nail polish can bring a whole wardrobe to another level. Here are my top 4 must-haves! What are your go-to colors?

Jun 18, 2014

Real Style

While reading a fellow blogger's post, I felt compelled to write about something similar. What topic may you ask? It's about Daintyjea's "real" style. For those of you who know me, I am a comfort/casual kind of gal. My personal opinion, wearing high heels every day is not realistic, especially the potential of getting those unattractive blisters. Hell, I was in the Army! But hey, let's not get confused. Once in a while, I enjoy getting dolled up by putting on some high heels to dress up an outfit. The moral of the story is, it's important to always be yourself and show your true style. Whether it be casual or chic, stay true to who you are but don't be afraid to venture out to new styles! ;)

top: Shimmer | "love" necklace: Love Culture | necklace: Love Culture | jeans c/o (similar): Aeropostale  | aviators (similar):  American Eagle | heels: Forever21

Jun 16, 2014

Done Deal

When you are determined in finding the right item, there is nothing stopping you from finding it. I visited the mall over the weekend in search of THE summer romper; you know, one that could be transitioned from casual to dressy. Lo and behold, Shimmer came to the rescue! I mean, look at this piece, the colors, the unique print and not to mention, the cute little ruffles on the side of the bottom. Done deal! Instead of the typical casual look (i.e. my comfort..sandals), I paired it with these adorable open toe booties for a sexy cute look.

 romper: Shimmer | clutch (old): Gap | booties: Charlotte Russe | sunglasses: Charlotte Russe | necklace: Love Culture

This weekend was very productive. I am working with a web designer on changing my blog design...woohoo! can't wait to share! My bestie and I went to watch Maleficent yesterday which, by the way, Angelina Jolie killed it! Worth watching ;) and afterwards, we stopped by Starbucks to catch up with things over some coffee. Great way to end the weekend. Wishing you a positive Monday!

Jun 11, 2014

Change of Heart

What started as a simple look turned into a boho chic look. My goal was to focus on these adorable chunky heels from Closet Signature which, by the way, cost $19.99! (yeah, there was no way I was passing on this deal) and keep everything else fairly simple. However, once I threw this kimono on, I knew it was a perfect match! To keep the boho chic look going, I decided to do a fun braid up-do which goes perfectly well for those hot summer days (thank you Pinterest for hooking it up!).

 top (similar): c/o Aeropostale | jeans (similar): American Eagle | kimono: DD's Discount | shoes (similar): Lulus | tote (similar style): Kohls | necklace: All the Wire

Jun 9, 2014

Crochet Trim

My summer wardrobe is slowly but surely coming together. I've found a couple items and accessories that will work with what I currently own. With that being said, breezy tee's are a must for this summer! This particular crochet trim, floral top will go perfectly with denim shorts or skinny jeans.  Add your favorite accessories to spunk up your look.

 top: Love Culture | shorts: H&M | purse (similar style): Kohls | heels: Charlotte Russe | aviators: AE

This past week was a little crazy. My husband and I have been non-stop working and contemplating on whether we should purchase a home...let me tell you, house hunting is a lot of work! I think it's time to start making memories and focus on becoming parents. After all, that's what life is about! Happy Monday!

Jun 2, 2014


June is finally here! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. Last year this time, I was tormented by finals and school papers, but I told the hubby this year I WILL enjoy summer. With that being said, let the shopping commence! Last week I went to the mall and purchased new colorful items to add to my collection and found these adorable floral shorts from J. Tomson. I love the texture of the shorts and how comfy they feel, plus the vibrant colors scream fun! The style options for this item are endless!

 top (old): Forever21 | shorts: J Tomson | purse: Forever 21 | shoes (old): Target | long necklace: Mimi & Red | small necklace: Forever 21 | sunglasses: AE | watch (old): Michael Kors

This weekend went by quick and I can't believe it's already over.  I welcomed the first of June by going on a six mile hike at Cedar Creek Falls in Ramona with the hubby and brother...boy was I in for a rude awakening. Let's just say, I'm out of shape! Although it was very tiring, to say the least, I enjoyed the quality time with my loved ones and enjoyed the nature walk. It's the little moments that count. Have a good Monday everyone! :)

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