Sep 24, 2014

5 Fall Must-Haves

5 Fall Must-Haves

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Go figure, the first day of fall and the temperature decides to drop just a tad bit. You know what that means, it's time stock up on soft knit sweaters and fall pieces! Here are five essential pieces that will have you trending this fall season: Knit sweaters - you can dress it up easily by pairing it with a beautiful pencil skirt; these adorable dark floral pumps and a statement necklace; a bold burgundy lipstick; and my favorite, the beanie. They can cover a messy hair day or just add character to a look. What are some of your favorite must-haves for fall?


Sep 22, 2014


Plaid is one of the trends I look forward to this upcoming season. Of course, with the weather constantly changing, I decided to wear my shirt around my waist to give it that edge. Notice my two prints? It makes the outfit fun and grungy, especially with the extra layering of statement necklaces.  Experimenting new trends is always good and the style options are endless!

 top (similar): Target | plaid shirt: Windsor | jegging: American Eagle | booties: Charlotte Russe | necklace: Forever 21 | bib necklace: Kohls

After much research, we finally found a home that feels right for us, and of course, it's within our budget. The bait is in the water! Now, it's just a matter of the sellers accepting the offer and then we open up escrow! I'm so excited!! Of course, we hope everything works out and the inspection goes smoothly. It's an older home, so you know how that goes. With that being said, Pinterest is going to be my best friend for the next couple of weeks. My to do list will include checking out local vintage stores and flea markets to see what kind of treasures I'll find. Want to follow along the journey? Make sure you check out my Facebook and Instagram! xo

Sep 18, 2014

Country Music Has My Heart


If you haven't heard, there is a crazy heatwave hitting San Diego and we're smack-dab right in the middle of it. Fortunately, I was able to put an outfit together that I absolutely adored! My new craze is this new muscle tank that I had to have. If you follow me, you know I am OBSESSED with Country music so I thought this shirt had my name written all over it. Since I was battling the heatwave and staying casual was how to survive the 100 degree weather, I decided to pair this tee with loose printed shorts to step away from the typical signature look - a tee and denim shorts/skinny's. I rocked this outfit w/ a pair of peep toe booties and a military vest to help with the summer-fall transition.

 top: Free Your Heart Apparel | vest (similar): Shimmer | shorts: Francescas | booties: Charlotte Russe | necklace: Forever 21 | sunglasses: Forever 21

Sep 15, 2014

Birthday Girl

In celebration of my 32nd birthday, it's only right that I dress up and wear heels, right? Plus, I know my husband loves me in heels, so why not? Changing it up once in a while leads to anticipation and excitement which is okay by me! Let's talk about this dress. Besides the fun print and colors, I love that it brings a measure of elegance. Enough to scream "I feel like a woman!" By choosing neutral colored heels, it allowed the dress to be the focal point. I rounded out my look with a bold berry lipstick to seal the deal. 

 dress: Mimi & Red | necklace: Mimi & Red | heels: Steve Madden

Sep 10, 2014

Football & Fashion

We are back at it! Football season is here! To get in the team spirit, these lovely chicas and I (see their blog links below) came together to show you how to represent your team colors without being so literal. With my look, I'm wearing red, silver/gray, and blue colors representing the best football team ever! GO PATS! I know my usual looks are casual, but with this look I wanted to inspire fun and wedges it is! This adorable floral bomber jacket compliments the desired look well while still achieving a sporty chic look. This look is perfect to wear at a bar or even a get together at a friend's house. As long as I got my beer in hand...all is good!

top: Target | bomber jacket: Kohls | jeans: American Eagle | shoes (similar): Forever 21 | sunglasses: ASOS
Check out these lovely ladies represent their team colors! From left to right, Melissa from Sweet Style By Melissa representing the NY Giants, Daisy from Daisy's Fashion Garden representing the Oakland Raiders, and Paulina from Lil Bits of Chic representing the San Diego Chargers.

Sep 8, 2014

Five things about fashion bloggers

When you think of bloggers what comes to mind? Do you think, "Oh, it's just a person that sits behind a computer and writes." That's true to some extent; however, there are different types of bloggers and the truth is no matter what type of blogger it is, it's a process itself.

With that being said, the goal of today's post is to give you a little insight on what fashion bloggers go through to create good content. Here are five things about fashion bloggers...

1. Taking outfit photos is a mission! The world seems to end when you create an outfit and your husband or friend(s) can't take your photos. Oh em gee, #icant. Let's keep it real, how many bloggers have gone through this? It's not only about creating an outfit, but making sure you have someone who can capture the work of art - your outfit. It could be quite challenging believe it or not.

2. Finding a location for your photos. We try to find a spot that not only will make our photos standout, but will also provide the right lighting to deliver good quality photos. Let's be real. Some people are more visually entertained so providing a good background that allows for a great contrast to help your outfit standout is a must. For those of us who work a full-time job, we try to work with what we have, so sometimes the best times to take photos are during lunch breaks, weekends or quickly after work before sunsets. 

3.  Fear of judgement. It's terrifying hitting the "publish" button and knowing your words and photos are out there for people to read. Hey, we are not perfect and sometimes we make mistakes, but it's all about practice, right? How about,"What if people don't like what you have to say or what you wore?" We put ourselves out there for the world to see, so it takes a lot of guts and courage to share your thoughts and passion, so kudos to you for doing that!

4.  Maintaining a blog takes a lot of time. Having a blog is not just publishing outfit photos, but the whole shenanigans that come with it. We take our outfit photos, download them into our computer for editing, write our post, and then proofread. Phew, I don't know about other bloggers, but it takes me forever to get this done. Growing your blog takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is all worth it!

Last but not least...

5. Are we being heard? You share your style tips and outfits but then wonder, is anyone reading or following me? Don't be dismayed. To have a blog takes patience and understanding. Just keep doing what you are doing, and I promise, someone out there is appreciating what you have to offer.

The key is not to give up but to strive to be better!

Sep 1, 2014

Weekend Wear

September, the best month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, but fall season starts. I'm so ready for fall style but with this San Diego weather (it was in the high 80's!), I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing summer pieces for a couple more months (you just never know); with that being said, I'm content on wearing fall colors. I love this breezy top and its wide short sleeves giving it a similar effect like a kimono, not to mention the beautiful rose print and colors. For a more laid back look, I paired it with distressed denim jeans (giving the shorts a break!) and opted for some leopard flats to give my feet a little break from all the salsa dancing I did on Friday (read below). Last but not least, I added my new mustard colored satchel to spice it up and there you have it my friends...a fun colorful weekend outfit!

 Photos taken by: LilBitsofChic

 top: Forever 21 | jeans: American Eagle | satchel: Forever 21 | sunglasses: ASOS | flats (similar): Forever 21| watch: Michael Kors | bracelet: Isadora | necklace: Lulus

Hands down. Friday night was epic! The best concert I've ever attended...Marc Anthony's. The fact that San Diego was his first stop of his U.S. Tour, and I was there to witness the incredible talent...It was just unbelievable! Let's just say, flats were a must to give my feet a little break from dancing all night and the awful blisters (ouch!). Nevertheless, it was all worth it. It was such an amazing experience and to see him live was unforgettable. I can check that off my bucket list!

Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day and stay safe! 

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