Mar 17, 2015

Girly-Glam Workspace

When we moved into our new home, I told my husband he can have his man-cave, just as long as I get my white girly-glam workspace that I've always wanted. The look I'm going for brings relaxation and cleanliness that should let my creativity flow and eliminate any stress I may have going on that day. Selecting small details that give off a positive vibe is very important to me so I prefer using floral prints or flowers that signify life (it's my happy place!). I love the simplicity flowers in a simple vase (or mason jar) can do to the room. It helps bring the room from boring to CHIC instantly! Although it's not to where I want it yet, I plan to take baby-steps to get it just right. These four girly-glam office spaces would definitely motivate me to work like a boss!

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  1. I want a woman cave/office...but sadly my office is very masculine since I got to decorate the rest of our house!! Ha!! I can keep dreaming and stare at all the inspiration you found!! Ha!

  2. Right now my office is opposite to my dad's very messy desk area. Ideally I would want something very clean and simple like the pictures you shared.


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