Jul 10, 2015

Blue Short Sleeve Floral Asymmetrical Dress

This dress makes me happy. I love the texture and fit which is perfect for summer and also, I'm adding color to my wardrobe! It's definitely a color my closet lacks, so I'm glad I chose this one.  This was one of the looks I had planned to wear to the blog conference but unfortunately, the dress never made it on time. Hey, it happens! What I love about this dress is that I can also dress it down by pairing it with some cute flat sandals or wedges. All-in-all, it's the perfect addition to my closet. 
 Blue Short Sleeve Floral Asymmetrical Dress | Short Necklace | (similar) Faux Leather Clutch | (simiar) Pointed Ankle Strap Pumps | Rounded Sunglasses

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Jul 9, 2015

J's Favorite: All White

J's favorite: White

White Off the Shoulder Hollow Blouse Nolea Sandals | White Sunglasses White Zipper Envelope Clutch Isla DropsWhite Zipper Embroidered Flare Skirt

These white sandals from Steve Madden is what started it all. My obsession over this color has slowly increased somewhat, especially on this off the shoulder top, I mean...how much more summer can it get?! I seriously think it's the chicest color for summer and I know it's a color that pretty much works with anything.  Whether you are heading out to a summer BBQ with friends or having a romantic dinner with your love, this color could pretty much stand out on its own and make a statement. White is the new #summerchic. 

Jul 8, 2015

3rd Annual Southern Blog Society Conference

Finally! I get to share my highlights of my first ever Southern Blog Society Conference in Charleston South Carolina! I read an article this week that Charleston is considered the second best city to live in and boy were they right! It's a city that has southern charm written all over it. I couldn't think of a better place to host such an amazing event. Cathy, Jessica...you nailed it!

This was my third blog conference I've attended and I must say it's my favorite thus far! Why is that you may ask? The attention to detail and the heart felt welcome from our amazing founder and co-founder was genuine and special. These ladies went above and beyond to ensure this event fulfilled our expectations as bloggers.

1. First, Swoozies party as our first day of meet up...brilliant! Typically, cocktail parties (from the conferences I've attended) are held the last day of the conference. I think this is a big no-no. Why? For someone who flew all the way from San Diego to Charleston not knowing anyone can be a bit intimidating. So, how can we make it less awkward? How about getting some fashionistas together, add some delicious cocktails, and let the blogging chat commence...voila! You have yourself a cocktail party. You will leave the night making friends and connections. I guarantee it.

2. The speaking panelists of our day two conference were exceptional. One of the SWBS primary goals is to "supply the resources necessary for blogging success." One of the speakers who stood out the most was Amy Northard, CPA. I've never seen an accountant speaker at a blog conference. She provided specifics and informative details on what a blogger should or should not do when tax season comes around. Did you know that every gift you accept as a blogger (even ones you don't want) is considered income?!! I had no clue!! Bloggers...take note...hire a good accountant!

3. Networking! Networking! Sure, you can have all the goodie bags you want but how about a one-on-one with brands? (we got double the fun - goodie bag and networking!) Yea, this is the first time I've experienced such a thing. Months in advance, we were given reminder emails on what to expect these three days and to have our media kits ready to go! Again, the attention to detail and preparation was on point. 

With that being said, I will be attending 2016's SBSCon...no doubt about that! 

I didn't get a chance to take outfit pics, but thank you Kim Graham Photography for this outfit photo! Good looking out!

dress: HM | Short Necklace | clutch (similar): Faux Leather Clutch

Hey, Chit Happens! #howbloggersroll

  from left to right (Co-Founder): Jessica from My Style Vita | Cathy (Founder) from Poor Little It Girl 

Goodie bags from Vera Bradley 

Jul 7, 2015

5 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

When we purchased our home, not only were we thinking about style and comfort but also, is it pet-friendly, can our children grow here, can we entertain guests? And boy were we lucky. From wooden floors to a spacious back yard, we had exactly what we wanted. Now remember, just because you like pretty things doesn't mean you should settle on decor because you own a pet. Our home is still a work in progress but our goal is to choose items that will work for us, yet meeting our dogs needs.

We are so lucky, we just have carpets in our bedrooms/bonus room and the rest of the house is flooring. If possible, invest in a good vacuum. We knew we wanted one more pet, so purchasing the Dyson was the best choice we made and we don't regret it one bit. It's a little over to the pricy side but I promise it works wonders! The Dyson is my broom/vacuum...no joke. It will pick up anything in its way whether it's carpet or hardwood floors. My tip would be, If you own a cat or dog, try vacuuming every other day. I can get away with every other day or sometimes three days without vacuuming.

As I type this, I wish I had stopped at Home Goods to buy more candles (they have so many options to choose from!). You will need plenty of these. I let my dogs run around and have fun all around the house but sometimes, it can get a little smelly if you know what I mean, so scented candles do the trick!

It's easier to wash your pets than spend money on carpet cleaning (more than one twice a month), dry cleaning sofa covers, etc. I take my dog to the groomers every three to four weeks. They do such an amazing job in bathing him that his scent usually lasts a few days.

When we picked our couches, we made sure they were slip-covers and easy to take to the laundry and have them washed. We got lucky because our older dog knows not to get on top of the sofa and our puppy can't even reach, but if it were to happen, we know we are covered and can easily have it taken care of at the cleaners.

Last but not least, give your animals the treats and toys they deserve. In our bonus room, we have a bed where they can both lay down and a pet stuff basket where they can easily pull any toys they want to play with. At the end of the day I have toys all over the place but it's all worth it.  It keeps them from chewing on your beautiful decor. Win-win for me!

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Jul 6, 2015

White Off The Shoulder Floral Print Dress

The last time I mentioned "here" that it's a must I stock up on summer dresses, I wasn't kidding. However, this time I made sure I went for an off the shoulder dress.  I've been wanting to try this trend and I'm so glad I did! This dress has an easy breezy feel to it without having to try so hard, plus I have the option to easily dress it up or down. Heck, if I wanted, I could even wear this dress to a wedding! but of course, with some fancy heels.

White Off The Shoulder Floral Print Dress | Similar heels | ASOS Metal Arms Retro Sunglasses | c/o Kendra Scott Elton Gold Bracelet in Iridescent Drusy | c/o Kendra Scott Brennan Ring Set in Gold | Ring | Druzy Jewels Stretch Bracelet | Similar clutch | Necklace

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Jul 3, 2015

Independence Day - Holiday

When fourth of July comes around, for me it's officially summer! The warm temperatures, the quality time with family and friends...and of course, making memories. I'm so happy we get to celebrate the holiday in our new home. For as much as we wanted to prep our patio, unfortunately, things are taking a little longer than expected, but it's all good. At least we have our BBQ grill ready to go! With that being said, cheers to a fun-filled weekend! I hope you have an enjoyable 4th of July and God Bless America!

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Jul 2, 2015

J's Favorite: Summer Dress

J's Favorite: Summer Dress

After my trip to Charleston this last weekend, all I want to stock up on are summer dresses. Wearing fitted clothes for summer is not an option. The heat and humidity was unbearable and not to mention, the running around didn't help. With that being said, I foresee more flowy dresses in my closet, as well as easy does it looks. The best looks are those kept simple.  

J's Favorite: Summer Dress

J's Favorite: Summer Dress

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