Jun 29, 2016

Yellow There

Who said mom's can't be sexy?! Now that I'm finally am one, it's so easy to want to be casual and comfortable all the time but sometimes a cute fit-and-flare dress and a hot pair of heels is in order for a fun night! Although I still have a few pounds to shed to bring my sexy back, this dress really boosts my confidence. I can't stress this enough about not putting so much pressure on yourself. Enjoy the journey as a new momma but don't be afraid to take risks and share something different to your every day style. Cheers to new beginnings!


Jun 24, 2016

Two in One

Boy did I pulled it off! Let's say it was a mission to get this outfit shoot going. Emily decided to throw a last minute temper tantrum so getting ready and heading out the door required a super easy look. I'm calling this outfit a mommy style/comfort at its best! Although my look is super casual, I decided to play with accessories and add a hat and these lace-up sandals (I wasn't kidding when I said I'll be changing  up my footwear this summer) for a fun summer look. The temperatures were in the 90's, so this Black Petals and Stripes Tee was the perfect pick to stay cool. I'm loving the stripes & floral combo! Two of my favorites in one. Win-Win!  


Jun 20, 2016

White Romper

White romper for summer? Yes please! I don't normally wear all white but there is a first for everything and this is definitely it! I've recently been on the hunt for a white romper and once I laid my eyes on this one, it had to be mine! The beautiful lace detail of the romper adds just the perfect touch. I had to pair it with this adorable yellow Charleston Laser Cut Crossboy Bag to make it an official summer look. If you didn't already know, yellow is the IT color for summer. This duo makes me think of a nice cold piña colada in hand. Cheers to summer lovin!


Jun 17, 2016

My essentials for the Work Space

I shared bits and pieces of my little office area when I shared my How to stay organized - The Day Designer  post but I want to get more into detail since I'm practically in that room all the time! That office is shared with Emily's nursery and I love it! I can work on the blog while keeping an eye on her which makes it a successful day! I love reading the quotes on my wall when I daze off because it reminds me that I need to push forward no matter how hard the day gets. With that being said, no day starts without my must-haves. My daily planner to keep track of my daily activities as well as future engagements. Can't forget my notebook! That's where I jot down ideas for the blog or things I would like to accomplish in the future. I also keep a checklist for my weekly/monthly blog posts that I follow from The Blog Societies whom provide blog members how to's and best practices. (If you are not a member, you need to join ASAP!). I love this! And of course, not pictured but my COFFEE! The fuel that gets me going during the day. I think it's very important to find a work space where you feel most comfortable and most importantly, where you can be inspired.

Jun 15, 2016

Summer Sandals: Nude

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It's that time ladies! Time to show off  that cute pedicure with some affordable summer sandals! I posted a pic on Instagram of my criss cross faux suede sandals from Forever 21 and they are everything! I'm so obsessed with neutral colored sandals because they can easily be paired with any look (skinny's, shorts, skirts...) They're super duper comfortable and easy to run around with, especially with Emily in my arms. My goal this summer is to change up my footwear and sport different styles of sandals which won't be that hard considering I've already done some damage (stay tuned!). Without further ado, here are some of my must-have nude summer sandals that range from lace-ups to slip-on's.

Looking for a similar style or color? Below, I've shared some affordable styles for your convenience. Enjoy! What are some of your favorites?


Jun 13, 2016

Edgy Meets Girly

Edgy meets girly! Well, sort of. I'm in love with these feminine lace shorts that I found at the thrift store. Talk about lucky! I wanted to dress it down so I styled it with my favorite new graphic tee from Target. To tie the whole look together, I added my military-style jacket that is really light weight and wears great with summer clothes. I know I'll be wearing it a lot this summer. I love how these pieces work together and give it that edgy/military look. And for the mom's out there who are looking for comfort with a twist, this is definitely #mommystyle approved!


Jun 10, 2016

Orange You Glad It's Friday

It's Friday! And change is good my friends. To officially kick start summer, I wanted to share my summer bucket list with ya'll. If you haven't done one, I recommend you do! Now that I'm a mommy, I see the importance of making memories with our little one and capturing every moment. Life passes by so quickly that we tend to forget to pause, and enjoy the moments. Without further ado! Here's my summer bucket list:

1. Drive-In Theatre. Check! We got to watch X Men: Apocalypse at the drive-in last week and it was so much fun! I love how it was just us three chillin in our car watching the movie. We are definitely doing this again, but I'm bringing lawn chairs next time!

2. Fair. The San Diego County Fair opening day was June 3rd and we make it a habit to go every year, especially 4th of July! I look forward to getting on rides and eating those unhealthy, yet delicious fried Twinkies (Like my mom would say, "Once in a year won't hurt nobody" ha!)! I'm so happy we get to go with Emily! :)

3. Wine Tasting. Hubby and I have done a couple of these but this time I would like to go with my girlfriends and have a day of wine tasting and chillaxing! Maybe Temecula? We shall see!

4. Bonfire & S'mores. What's summer without bonfires and s'mores?! Maybe have one by the beach with friends? I'm down!

5. Read. This has always been a favorite hobby of mine. With my crazy schedule, I need to squeeze some reading time. I have so many books lined up to read but I have yet to read Nicholas Sparks (my favorite author) "See Me." With that being said, my goal is to read "See Me" before the end of summer. Done deal!

Now about the outfit, it's simple...off the shoulder trend is here to stay!

Photos taken by: Lil Bits of Chic


Jun 8, 2016

Military Tee

Camo. I've always been a fan. Heck! I was in the Army for eight years so you'd think I'd be over it... but that's a negative. Lately, I've been obsessing over tee's because of how comfortable and easy styling they are. Tee-101 pretty much explains that they can go with any look you feel that day. You can wear it casually with some shorts and sandals or bring more of a sophisticated look by pairing it with a statement necklace, a fitted pencil skirt and some heels. All these scenarios would work perfectly! I love how I paired it this time around with my favorite denim vest and green cut-out booties to give it that perfect military style touch.
Photos taken by: Lil Bits of Chic


Jun 6, 2016

Denim Love

Denim on denim...it never gets old, right? I can't believe I did this, but I've been on a hunt for a light chambray tee and when I finally found one, it went straight to my closet never to be seen again. But aren't surprises fun?! Welcome back to my life! Get it together girl! So it's only right to go for a denim on denim look. To make the outfit more interesting, I decided to wear these gorgeous heels from New York & Company to add a pop of color. I love that they can transform a look from simplicity to glam.

Photos taken by: Lil Bits of Chic


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