Oct 18, 2017

Sweater Weather

I've always been a fan of sweaters. I love how I can wear it over a dress, with a skirt or even shorts...bottom line, it just works any way you style it! Typically, I go for the basic colored sweaters but this fall, I am expanding my options. Lately, I am loving the different style of sleeves, like the one I'm wearing - I found this beauty at Marshalls! From ruffles, cute ties, to bell sleeves, you name it...I need it! They can make such a difference to a look without trying so hard, right? All-in-all, sweaters are the perfect staple for fall. Do you have a style preference you'd like to try this season?  


Oct 16, 2017

Fall is here - How to Help Puerto Rico

Yes, fall season is here! But not quite, for us west coast peeps. We are starting to feel the cool breeze creeping in (Finally!) but I love the fact that we can still get away with summer staples, like these go-to slip-on mule flats; you guys, I live in these! Because I'm a mom, I'm all about comfort but being stylish at the same time. I love that I can wear these flats with a pair of denim shorts or a skirt and still feel "dressed up" while not trying so hard, which is a win-win in my book!

On another note, you may be wondering why I've been MIA lately...see below.

If you've been watching the news lately, I'm sure you've heard my beautiful island, Puerto Rico, is struggling with the aftermath of hurricane Maria, and to be quite honest...it felt weird to post about fashion and style. Although, I thank God ALL my family members (including my husband's side) are safe, it breaks my heart to see the devastation it has caused the island. Imagine not having a roof over your head, water, or electricity for months! Can you imagine?! Some of my family members have lost it all but rest assure, we Puerto Rican's, are fighters and believe that God is always in control! We will overcome. 

How to Donate 

I'm all about sharing organizations that will provide direct help to those in needs; hence, the late post (had to do thorough research before I shared). 

Unidos Por Puerto Rico: United for Puerto Rico is an initiative brought forth by the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló, with the purpose of providing aid and support to those affected in Puerto Rico by the passage of Hurricane Maria. 

B Strong:  Bethenny Frankel, Real Housewives of New York, her B Strong Program, are going above and beyond for the Puerto Rican people. She has managed to get over 20+ planes with thousands of goods to the island and has documented the whole process in her social media sites, which is what I love to see. She's a go-getter and doesn't let anything get in her way. I LOVE what she's doing for the Puerto Rican people! 

You Caring: Organized by Ricky Martin. The Ricky Martin Foundation team on the ground is already working with the local government, local volunteers and the First Lady of Puerto Rico to provide urgently needed food, water, clothing and medical supplies.

You guys, if you donate at least a dollar, you have no idea the difference you're making. Just place yourself in their shoes...just imagine...any little bit counts!


Sep 20, 2017

How to Style a button down shirt & 5 facts about me

You guys, I don't remember the last time I wore a button down shirt...like, for real. Now that I'm getting older, my sense of style has changed drastically. Don't get me wrong, my go-to style is still comfort; however, I love exploring new options - hence, the button down shirt! It's always fun trying out new trends; nevertheless, I'm all about shopping on a budget. I found this stripe button down shirt at Marshalls and fell in love! Of course, there are so many ways to style it but I went for the denim skirt, it's so comfy and mommy style approved! If you've noticed, my obsession for slip-on mule flats is going strong. Momma's, this is what I call comfort at it's best! And just because, I'm sharing five facts you may not know about me down below!

Five facts to know about me:

1. Pastor's daughter. Yes, you read that right! My parents are pastors. I've been raised in church ALL my life; While I'm not perfect, I try to put God first in all of my life choices.

2. Where I would love to live? If  could, I would LOVE to live in Charleston, SC. When I attended the The Blog Society Conference, I fell in love with the city! It's  hospitality and history is what drew me in. I want to go back ASAP!

3. Death. You guys, even though I'm a believer, I'm afraid of death...I don't know why...But it just terrifies me.

4. Wing-eyeliner. I'm all about the wing-eyeliner. It's my signature look...Cute, simple, and to the point.

5. Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, I served in the United States Army, and I deployed to both countries. Let's just say...you become grateful for what you have. 

Happy Hump Day!

Sep 18, 2017

Plaid Shirt Dress

Happy Monday, friends! My weekend consists of running errands and spending quality time with my little, Emily. She's 18 months old and I swear, she's already in the "terrible two's." She definitely has the Puerto Rican attitude but momma is trying to keep her in check. My mom keeps reminding me how I was exactly like her...but I guess it's pay back - ha! Any who, the summer weather is slowly creeping away and I can start feeling the cool breeze. However, I do live in San Diego, so I can still pull-off easy breezy looks. I love pairing this plaid shift dress with my new slip-on mule flats. A simple look for the mom on-the-go! Y'all, I'm obsess with black and white but I love how this plaid shift dress comes in three different color options, which are perfect for fall. Just pair them with a pair of booties and you are set!

Sep 13, 2017

Three Ways To Decorate For Fall

Have you ever felt like you needed a change in your life? You are content but somehow feel like something else is missing? It's time for change, y'all! Home decor that is. Although my love for shabby chic remains close to my heart, I have to embrace change. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm head over heels for farmhouse style. I'm all about the rustic, weathered, vintage, antique, chippy, goodness; hence, the frame, ha! It brings me back to the good ol' country days when I lived in Tennessee while serving in the Army. So now that fall is just around the corner, I decided, "You know what? Why not start incorporating this new style, right?" Of course, one room at a time, because you know #girlonabudget, so if you're in the same boat as I am...I thought I'd share three ways to decorate for fall without breaking the bank. 
1. Pumpkins! How much more fall can it get?! You can never go wrong with a pumpkin. Super affordable. I wanted to keep things neutral so I went with ivory colored pumpkins as decor. It gives it the perfect farmhouse/vintage fall style touch. 
2. Flowers or plants. I'm loving the cotton floral stems and green plants. If you have vases lying around, just get yourself a couple stems or plants, and voilà! Done deal. I love pairing the cotton floral stem vase next to a pumpkin.
3. Wreaths. They are so affordable and make such a difference. I bought the ivory pumpkin wreath at home goods and hung it over our chalkboard in the kitchen. I also have  this one and I'm planning on hanging it on our entry way or the entrance door. 

All-in-all, any of these three options will definitely get your ready for fall. I shared similar items you may be interested down below, go check them out!  

Have any of you started decorating for fall? Please, do share! Thank you for stopping by! 

Sep 11, 2017

Sole Society Cammila

Because I'm a mom on-the-go, having a good pair of shoes is a MUST! I've noticed investing on a good pair can make such a big difference. First, I'm all about comfort, which is a plus in my book! Second, it gives me the option to play with different looks depending on the season. Last but not least, these pair of shoes are the definition of versatile! They come in different colors/styles for your liking. For my mommy's who work full-time, they definitely work for the office. So, if you're looking for "THE" pair of shoes, I highly recommend these Sole Society Pointy Loafers. Side note, I sized up for extra room and comfort. 

Sep 6, 2017

Football Season

Football season is here, y'all (first game tomorrow)! I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago I wanted to do another team look this season since the last time I did one was three years ago. So hear you have it! Of course, for me, comfort is a must but the key is to wear your team colors at the end of the day, am I right? I  don't know about you but I'm excited for all the screaming and delicious BBQ meals I want to try this season. If you've followed along, you may know my household is a HUGE Patriots fan - Go PATS! So cheers to my red, gray and blue!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Hump Day! 

Sep 4, 2017

How to Transition from Summer to Fall

So I guess Cali weather didn't get the memo and we're here sweating bullets like cray-cray. But all is good, friends, all.is.good! Now that September is officially here, we can began to transition from summer to fall. As for now, I'll enjoy wearing fall colors until the temperatures drop just a tad bit but my east coast friends, you go on ahead with them boots and jackets! (I'll live vicariously through you, haha!). This beautiful blouse is the perfect transition piece - breezy, yet fall inspired. I purchased it from Marshalls and love how I can wear it with a pair of jeans or with a cute skirt for work; either way, it's a classic staple to have. Happy Labor Day! 

Aug 28, 2017

Sleeve Interest

Pretty sleeves and stripes...what more can a girl ask for? If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this top in my Insta  Story. It's super cute! Although it's a little more on the slouchy side, I see it as a good thing. You have enough room to breathe and hide your belly (I love me some carbs!), while still looking fabulous. If you're not a fan of heels, you can opt for flats or sandals for a comfortable casual chic look. In other news...Y'all, I'm turning 35 next month can you believe it?! But hey, I feel great which is what matters, right?

Aug 23, 2017

Always Denim

Off-the-shoulder top trend going strong, friends. I'm taking advantage of summer staples as much as I can because fall is upon us. While there are many ways to style this top, I went with a denim skirt for comfort. To keep my look less casual, I added tassel earrings and of course, my favorite mule sandals...I can't get enough of them! It's a simple look but cute enough for a lunch date with friends. 

Aug 21, 2017

Stripe it Is

Typically, my weekends consist of cleaning the house and doing laundry but this time around, I made it my mission to do something fun. Because before you know it, summer is gone. We went to LEGOLAND for the first time and enjoyed the beautiful California weather. Emily had such a blast  she slept 14 hours straight, no joke. Yesterday, we went to North Park looking for new spots to eat and duh, outfit shoots! 

Now, about the outfit...a girl can never have too many striped tops, right? This one is just perfect. I love the little fluff on the sleeves and how it can change the look of an outfit - from plain to voilà! 

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