Feb 16, 2018

Is it time for another Baby

Tomorrow, my little Emily turns 23 months old, where did time go?! To think she will be a two year old next month is crazy. When everyone asks me, "Are you ready for baby number two?" To be quite honest, my answer is always, "If I could, I would just have Emily," But that’s because...
Not gonna lie, it's a lot of work; especially, if you're a full-time working mom and don't have family close by to help. I've always wish to have two children, a boy and a girl, Lord willing! So will see. But hey, you can never say never. If its meant for us, then it shall be. Then again, I'm not getting any younger, I'll be 36 this year so...it's time! 

On another note, I’m finally sharing our maternity photos  with y'all! Have a great weekend! 

Photos by: Erin Chistine

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