Jul 25, 2018

How to Style a Bookshelf

After three years living in our home, I can't believe I'm finally styling our bookshelf. Why did it take this long? Well, for one, figuring out what pieces to use was quite challenging. I found myself over thinking and trying to come up with a look that works, when all along I had items I could already work with. 

First, you want to come up with a theme…whether it be color or style…For me, I'm all about the vintage/shabby/farmhouse style so I went with the soft pink, soft blue and white colors. I had a couple of books hanging around so all I did was flip the covers for a white crisp look. 

I added picture frames and floral arrangements for a nice contrast. My brother got me a vintage jewelry case with a vintage brush for Christmas two years ago that gave it the perfect touch. Just remember, you want to keep a balance between each shelf, stick to a color theme/style and work with what you have. You'd be surprised with what you come up with without having to spend a fortunate on new items. Now, I call that style on a budget! 

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Jul 16, 2018

Floral Jumpsuit

mentioned two months ago how I'm loving the jumpsuit trend...well, I'm finally trying it out and I'm obsessed! I found this cute little number at Marshalls for less than $20...can you say, deal?! I wasn't kidding on how easy it is to style and how it can work for any occasion. It's super lightweight and will go well with a pair of flat sandals or heels, depending on the occasion. I'm planning on attending  the blog societies conference next month, and you bet I'll be wearing this little number to the event. I've linked similar options down below if you'd like to check it out! 

Jul 9, 2018

Cold Shoulder Shift Dress

I've got to admit, the cold shoulder trend is THE style to wear this summer. You look put together without trying so hard, you know what I mean? I packed this floral print cold shoulder shift dress from Target to our Mexico trip but never got around on wearing it, but for sure this is one to have if you are heading to a vacation destination. It's super light and perfect to wear on a brunch date with friends or even dinner. If you'd like to dress it down, you can totally rock it with a pair of sneaks or sandals for a comfier look. 

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