Jan 14, 2019

How to style a tiered tray

A side from sharing easy every day looks, my love for home decor is right on top of the list. There is just something about decorating or even styling a look that makes me so happy. I'm a big believer that it sets the mood for the day, don't you agree? Heck, I know it does for me. That's why I  make it a habit to invest my creative side on both because at the end of the day, I want good vibes all around. You know what I mean? 

Now...back to home decor....You'd be surprise how you can style your home no matter the season. First and foremost, there is no need to break the bank. My tip is to work with what you have and go  from there. I have so many pieces I've collected through the years and forgot I even had them. So styling this tiered tray for LOVE day...I focused on my new piece, this wood tapletop frame -"I love us." From there, I made sure to incorporate pink pieces all around for a fun V-day style look. 

I made sure each level had one focal point - looking at it like a 'Z' and filling in from there. I added fake peonies and greenery that I had from other designs to fill those empty spots and voilá! You have yourself a styled tiered tray on a budget. 

Jan 7, 2019

New Year Look and Changes to the blog!

My first reaction when I saw this top...I love it but there is no way I can rock this 'at hip' sweater. Wrong! Thank God for high-waisted jeggings. For my momma's out there, this is the look you want to go for - super easy, yet simple and chic! I love how this sweater sits right at the hip and it extenuate my hips making the look flawless...But can we talk about these pointy leopard flats?! For those who know me, I'm all about style on a budget but lately with shoes, I'm investing a little more because comfort is key and the quality needs to last a little longer, hence why these Steve Madden flats were a given - no discomfort from the first day I purchased them and by far, the best investment I've made. LOVE!

Now, changes to the blog...

After much research, I've decided to make the leap from blogger.com to wordpress.org! What does this mean? New template for the blog and hopefully, this new change will make it easier for y 'all to navigate and of course, new content so stay tuned!

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