Aug 25, 2012

Just Thoughts

It's 11:04 pm in San Diego, and I can't sleep. I have so many things running through my mind on what it is I want to accomplish with this blog. I came across a post on Independent Fashion Blog (IFB) written by Jennine Jacob on "How to Discover Your Blogging Talents."  I have to say, it's like she was reading my mind. Many of the questions I had, she answered. I have to find my voice. One thing that caught my attention was the fact that she loved writing, but failed high school English twice (I had to take English 101 twice in College). I could relate somewhat to her. I have to admit, writing is my biggest fear. How do I transfer my thoughts into proper writing? I sometimes ask myself, did I write that correctly? Does this even make sense? I know I am not the best writer but just like Jennine said, practice, practice, and practice some more. Even famous authors have struggled with writing but have prevailed. I remember when I met Nicholas Sparks at his "Safe Haven" book signing in La Jolla, CA last year, he mentioned that he was not good at writing but continued to practice and look at him now.

So, where I am getting at with this post is that, although I am not a perfect writer, I love to share my thoughts and personal style with you. Everyday is a learning experience and I know in time, I will be better. Thank you for taking time of your day to read what my crazy brain thinks. Ha! Have a good one! :)

xo DaintyJea


  1. Hi, Today I came accros with your blog. I know this post is old but I just wanted to say that all bloggers have fears. I have 2 blogs. One for my business and that made me decide to open one for me. I´m from Guatemala and there aren´t many personal blogs or fashion bloggers as people is scare of but other people might think. I was afraid to open one but last week I did.
    Everyone has fears we just have to work on them =)

  2. I do appreciate you taking your time and sharing your thoughts with me. I know I am not alone. It takes courage and commitment to follow our dreams. I am glad that you took the intiative to start your blog! I'll have to check it out ;) Again, thanks for stopping by and showing some luv!


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