Jan 22, 2013

Lacey Day

Yesterday was a relax day for hubby and I. I am glad I took full advantage of this three day weekend and caught up with all of my duties. We ended the weekend with a dinner and movie date. I love spending quality time with him and catching up. It's the simplest things that make me happy. 

I was shopping through my closet and suddenly it hit me, I have a lot of clothes! You know how sometimes you just stare at the closet and say to yourself it's just not enough. Ha! I need an intervention. Don't judge me, lol. 

I found this cute soft pink cardigan hanging in my closet from ShopRuche and immediately thought about the socks I purchased from Target. I put two and two together and already had this outfit in mind. So, the moral of the story is, hang a little longer in your closet and see what you come up with. Have fun! ;)

Dress: Charlotte Russe, Cardigan: ShopRuche, Similar Belt: Target, Socks: Target, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Ring: Forever21, Necklace (Sterling Silver): Stella & Dot

Be creative! Let your surroundings inspire you. 


  1. I love the soft color palette...so pretty! And I'm jealous of what looks like nice sunny, warm weather!!

    1. Yes! I can't keep up with this weather. lol


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