Jan 24, 2013

Versatile Cardigan

Ah, the wonders of a versatile cardigan. Don't you love it when you can use one piece of clothing and come up with different looks? Now, you are probably reading this and thinking out loud, this girl makes it seem so easy. Trust me, is not as bad as you think. Just trust in yourself and let the creativity take over.  In due time, you will be creating some amazing outfits that show your personality. 

Here are five looks I came up with. 

1. Office attire - I am loving the pencil skirt and boot combo. 

2. Office attire - add a little belt to accentuate your waist.  

3. Movie date - If you know me, I'm all about prints. 

4. Weekend or Travel - While on my travel, I am all about comfort.  

5. Out for Brunch!

1. Similar Cardigan: ShopRuche, Sweater: Forever21, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Necklace: Unknown. 
2. Similar Cardigan: ShopRuche, Dress: Charlotte Russe, Belt: Target, Shoes: Unknown
3. Similar Cardigan: ShopRuche, Stripe Shirt: H&M, Skirt: Forever21, Purse: Cotton On, Booties: Lulu's, Necklace: Forever21 
4. Similar Cardigan: ShopRuche, Maxi Dress: CottonOn, Boots: Charlotte Russe 
5. Similar Cardigan: ShopRuche, Shorts: ShopRuche, Necklace: ShopRuche, Top: ShopRuche, Clutch: ShopRuche, Flats: Charlotte Russe, Belt: Target



  1. I love how it goes from office chic to lunch date chic. I would never have imagined that theres so many ways to wear just one cardigan.

    Great post hun!



  2. Loving all of these outfit choices!
    xo TJ


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