Feb 6, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

Finding one of your favorite pieces of clothing that has gone MIA could be like a scavenger hunt. I swear, I've looked at every closet trying to find this cardigan and it magically appeared in the hallway closet. Either we have a fashionista ghost that likes to borrow my clothes or the hubby is playing with my emotions. I'll go with the ghost. 

Today's look was all about the cardigan. To make it my statement piece, I wore a darker printed blouse to contrast the look. These flare jeans give the illusion that I am taller, which is an A+ for me! I am not a big fan of flare jeans, but these definitely convinced me otherwise.
Blouse: Forever21, Sweater (Similar): Forever21, Jeans: Delias, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Belt: Target

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