Mar 27, 2013


Who would've ever thought I would be wearing the color mint. I even shock myself. I'm going to keep it real with you, I see this color, and I think of mint chocolate ice cream, which mint plus chocolate is no bueno in my books. However, I did mention I would be willing to explore new trends, so that I did my friends. I do find that this color compliments my skin very well. So, in the spirit of playing with spring colors, I paired these skinnies with my new graphic sweater from Old Navy. I think the word "love" is sending me a subliminal message. Embrace the mint! and by that, I mean the color not the ice cream.

Sweater: Old Navy, Skinny's (Similar): Charlotte Russe, Flats: TJMaxx Sleeve Clutch: Target, Dainty Mustache Necklace: Forever 21, Curve Bar Necklace (Similar): Forever 21, Eyeglasses: Bonlook

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  1. I have to agree...I think mint looks really good on you girl! Also love the pattern & colors of that clutch



    1. I was so scared to try it lol It really does remind me of mint chocolate ice cream. lol

  2. This is so cute. I love that sweatshirt! I am really loving the whole sweatshirts dressed up trend!
    xoxo, Shelby.


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