Apr 9, 2013

All in one

What does one do when stressed or overwhelmed? Easy, you release the tension by going shopping! Tag your it! I've been wanting to stop by TJMaxx for awhile now, so after coming back from such an inspirational conference, I knew I had to get my hands on some new goodies. My intentions were to find some cute versatile pieces, but I couldn't help myself....I went over board. Hey, it happens. Check out my blog intro. Today's look has TJMaxx written all over it.  

I've been looking for some cute work pants and these were a perfect fit. The two print combo and touch of color in my shoes scream spring is here! 

Top: TJMaxx, Blazer: TJMaxx, Pants: TJMaxx, Shoes: TJMaxx

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  1. Cute! Love your shoes!!! girrrrrl, after spending so much on preparing for the conference I'm trying to stay away from stores! lol.... and now all those gift cards we got are staring at me.. must... shop!


    1. See...what had happened was...lol I was not having a good day and took it out on shopping. I know, I'm a bad girl.


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