Apr 25, 2013

Music & Style

There are many artists in the music industry that I respect, whether it is Taylor Swift, Adele, or Demi Lovato. Although they (or their stylists) have great fashionable senses, it's not their style that drives and motivates me; it's their music that inspires me. Remember my post create your style? Find what inspires you and create your look. There will be days where a jump-kick is needed and coffee or red bull is just not going to cut it...so what do I do? I blast the radio and play my favorite songs! This automatically puts me in a certain mood that gives me enough energy to uplift my confidence, which then reflects how I carry myself. I can't stress this enough: it isn't what you wear; it's HOW you present yourself. If you need that extra-kick of assurance, let the music be the ultimate factor that will provide that extra boost-of-sass towards your outfits!  

So, to keep you pumped up, I leave you with one of my current favorite bands - Imagine Dragons. Who wouldn't want to get ready with this song? 

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1 comment :

  1. I love that song and I have been trying to figure out who sings it for the longest time....thank you!!!


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