Jul 11, 2013

4 x 4 Style: Summer Braids

I know I would love to pull-off straight hair in the summer as much as possible but you know that doesn't last long. I feel for those who live in areas where the weather hits three digits.Yikes! Having said that, I will be trying summer braids more often.

Can you believe until this day, I still haven't learned how to do a French braid? Yes, you read that correctly. Am I the only one?! Shame on me huh? Well, for now, a two braid hairdo will suffice. After all, the goal is to create a cute summer hair look whether it's a French braid, fish tail, or two braid. 

The steps below are super easy to follow and don't require too much. Part your hair in the middle or to the side, whichever you prefer. Start by grabbing two pieces of hair from one side and create the two braids while grabbing smaller pieces from the bottom. Repeat these same steps on the other side.

For steps 6 and 10, I added a bobby pin to hold the braids in place while I do a ponytail. Once you have your ponytail, remove the bobby pins. Create a messy bun and there you have it! A fun summer hair look.

 Have fun braiding! 

It's 4x4 Style again! We would love to see how YOU style your summer braid. Show us by tagging your photos using #4x4style on TwitterInstagram, or FacebookDon't forget to check out RunwayChef | FashionEdible | Luci's Morsels and see how they would style their summer braid.  

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  1. I still can't believe you don't know how to french braid! But if it makes you feel better, I don't get the fishtail braid thing! Definitely going to be trying this look out this summer!

    1. Girl, It's a mission. I start off good and then I jack it up. Lol It's a working progress for me.

  2. Such a great hair tutorial girl! Thank you for sharing! :)


  3. I love it! Such a cool style that really does look like a French braid.

    1. After this post, I've been getting the hang of the side french braid. I've been practicing! :)


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