Jul 10, 2013


We are it again! Today's remix is all about the versatility of a denim vest. This essential piece can be worn at any time and adds a layer of warmth to your wardrobe, especially for those chilly summer nights. It also adds some fun to your look, which is always good. Pair this piece with a maxi dress, a tee and shorts, or even a skirt, and I promise you will be embracing this trend more often. Which look is your favorite?                 

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  1. I was literally just thinking to myself that I need a denim vest and then I came on your blog and realized, I REALLY need a denim vest! I love how it just makes all these outfits!

    Runway Chef

    1. Girl, they are best! Especially when you don't feel like wearing too much but need a cover, that's when these come in handy.


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