Dec 5, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For Coworkers

You spent most of your time with them more than family. You meet up on Monday mornings with a hot cup of coffee to chat over some football Sunday, how busy your weekend was, or even how awesome The Walking Dead's last episode ended! These are you cool and fabulous coworkers. I don't know about you, but my peeps are like family to me. Now, in two weeks I will no longer be with them (I applied for a higher position and got it! - moving on up!) I want to give them something special so I thought I'd share my holiday gift guide with you all! 

These affordable and unique gifts would be the perfect secret Santa gift idea for the office. This fun "Ain't Nobody got time for that" mug goes perfectly for the coffee addict. No coffee, no workie! For those chilly days in the office, a blanket should do the trick. Get rid of the sheet of paper and update her to-do-list with this fancy and adorable floral notebook! 

Holiday Gift Guide: For Coworkers

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I apologize for the lack of outfit posts this week, we've been packing and getting the apartment ready for turn in. It's been super busy but I hope to get back in the swing of things soon! As I mentioned above, I applied for a higher position and got it! I've been so stressed these past few days hoping to get good news and finally...It's official! I couldn't be any happier. So blessed! On another note, the hubby and I will be attending our first NFL football game on Sunday! The Patriots will be playing against the San Diego Chargers. GO PATS!! Hope you have a safe weekend! 

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