Jan 19, 2015

My Home Decor

What makes a home special and unique? It's the simple details that make the difference. As promised, today I will share my favorite pieces of our home.  As I mentioned previously here, my goal is to go with a french vintage country style/shabby chic look, however, buying new furniture was not an option, so I had to work with what I currently own. With that being said, I decided to purchase pieces that compliment my furniture to drive toward that french shabby chic feel. Thanks to Rachel Ashwell my obsession has gone to another level. I've fallen in love with the outcome…and better yet, my husband is pleased (so that's a plus!). The best part of it all? I can always switch things up and play with my space without having to invest in new pieces. It's a win-win!

First photo : Newport Avenue Antiques | Roses from Market
Second photo: Vignettes Antiques (gold picture frames) | Newport Avenue Antiques (vase & flowers) Third photo: Jerome's (sofa set) | coffee table: The Workshop | crown: Newport Avenue Antiques | candles & vase: Pier One | books: Barnes & Nobles | accent pillows: Pier One & Newport Avenue Antiques
 Fourth photo:  Newport Avenue Antiques   (wine holder) | bottles & flowers: Newport Avenue Antiques 
Fifth photo: letter "V"& books Vignettes Antiques | cream box (old): Pier One 
Sixth photo: a journal, "The best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks, and "When Tito Loved Clara" by  John Michaud


  1. I love the new look it's very shabby chic:) I'm loving the pop of colour!!

    Roxanne Carmen

    1. Thanks Roxanne! The colors and vintage combo makes me all so happy! ^_^ Thanks for stopping by! xo

  2. Love those flower and the way you displayed it..It looks pretty and beautiful..Nice post

  3. I love the way you decorated! It looks so beautiful and definitely shabby chic. You're on your way to french country for sure! I'm going for a contemporary look in my new home. I like clean line, but I don't want it to look too cold. Still unpacking, so I'll let you know how it all turns out.


    1. Girl, it's a working progress. It's a little hard because my style is the complete opposite to my husbands so I have to take it easy on him lol At least he has his Patriots Man Cave, right? ;) Thanks for stopping by! xo

  4. Excellent ideas, that shows your creativeness..The flowers look beautiful in the designs..Excellent share..

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  5. So many wonderful bouquets... love that!


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