Apr 23, 2015

A Long Time Coming

In honor of Infertility Awareness Week, I'd like to bring up something a little personal and very close to my heart. Where do I begin…I've written this post many times. I've started typing the words but haven't had the courage to hit "publish." I've saved it, deleted it, typed it again, deleted again while thinking to myself, "people didn't come here to read a sad post." But you see, I am wrong. I know I don't stand alone in this struggle. Some of you who are reading this may be going through a similar situation. It's a hard subject to even bring up, but yes, I struggle with infertility.

11 years ago, it took a Lieutenant in the Army to pronounce the words, "I think you have Endometriosis," and boy was she right. From that day forward, my life has changed.

There are moments of sadness, frustration, depression, and impatience but one day all those feelings will vanish when we scream of joy when that pregnancy test comes back positive. One day I will be able to celebrate Mother's Day. One day I will brush my daughters hair or help my son ride a bike for the first time. But what I mostly desire is to teach my children the importance of humility, being loved, and to always strive to be better each and everyday.

I long to experience that type of love. My husband and I haven't lost hope. My faith in God is what keeps me going strong, and I know he will bless us with a bundle of joy. Until then, I'll continue to pray. 


  1. I'm praying for you. God hears you and knows exactly what you need, and when you need it. Enjoy the time you have now to prepare for that day!

    1. Amen, thank you for your kind words. I will continue to pray and in God's time, it will happen. Again, thank you! xo


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