Aug 16, 2017

Hats on the Wall

One thing I love to do on the weekends is visit some of my favorite blogs for inspiration. I've wanted to decorate this wall for quite sometime now but had no clue on where to even begin. I'm glad I came across this post from My Style Vita because boy, did she give me an idea! Who would've thought hanging hats on the wall would look so nice and cohesive (high-five, girl!).

Now the question is, how  to hang them? I had to improvise since I did not have push pins so I used nickel thumb tacks, pinned them through the ticket of the hat and to the wall. Super simple! As far as what to put on the dresser, that's up to your liking. You can keep items at a minimum or go crazy, whichever you prefer. Personally, I added a jewelry organizer, candle, frame, books and a fake succulent plant (Because Lord knows I would kill a real one - ha!). The best part of decorating is that you can always rearrange your display by moving stuff around.  Just have fun with it! 

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