Sep 20, 2017

How to Style a button down shirt & 5 facts about me

You guys, I don't remember the last time I wore a button down, for real. Now that I'm getting older, my sense of style has changed drastically. Don't get me wrong, my go-to style is still comfort; however, I love exploring new options - hence, the button down shirt! It's always fun trying out new trends; nevertheless, I'm all about shopping on a budget. I found this stripe button down shirt at Marshalls and fell in love! Of course, there are so many ways to style it but I went for the denim skirt, it's so comfy and mommy style approved! If you've noticed, my obsession for slip-on mule flats is going strong. Momma's, this is what I call comfort at it's best! And just because, I'm sharing five facts you may not know about me down below!

Five facts to know about me:

1. Pastor's daughter. Yes, you read that right! My parents are pastors. I've been raised in church ALL my life; While I'm not perfect, I try to put God first in all of my life choices.

2. Where I would love to live? If  could, I would LOVE to live in Charleston, SC. When I attended the The Blog Society Conference, I fell in love with the city! It's  hospitality and history is what drew me in. I want to go back ASAP!

3. Death. You guys, even though I'm a believer, I'm afraid of death...I don't know why...But it just terrifies me.

4. Wing-eyeliner. I'm all about the wing-eyeliner. It's my signature look...Cute, simple, and to the point.

5. Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, I served in the United States Army, and I deployed to both countries. Let's just become grateful for what you have. 

Happy Hump Day!

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