Jan 15, 2018

Fear of growing

What can I say, this post has lingered in my "drafts" for a while. Not going to lie, to click "publish" was quite frightening but at the same time, liberating. By no means, do I consider myself a "Guru" in the blogger world but I have to admit, the fear of growing freaks me the hell out. How does one pitch a sponsorship post when you don't have thousands of followers? J..."Let go, Let God." That's the words I've had on repeat since the beginning of the new year. NO more doubts, NO more hesitation. Just go for it! This year, I want to bring more content to my blog and share my experiences with y'all. I started using the poll option in Instagram to get a better feel of what you want to see and so far, it's been very helpful! Any-who, If you want to know a bit more about me, you may want to follow a long Instastories. ;) Happy Monday, friends!


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